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About Us

CONNECT. SHARE. GROW. is focused on making connections, bringing MBAs and Masters together from the top business schools to network together and connect with the top organizations that value the MBA and offer the best careers.


Promote idea-sharing between MBAs and top-tier organizations' C-level executives & bring exclusive career opportunities to driven people.

Brand story

After graduating with an MBA from a top national university, our CEO, Damon Mackey saw a real need for connection between MBAs and top-tier organizations. Damon said, "I saw so many talented people graduating and especially with traditional companies in Japan, there was no platform for MBAs to be brought into many top organizations. That's when I decided we could build a platform to idea-share and make opportunities for driven people happen." One platform to bring MBAs multiple benefits, to be used for connecting MBAs around the world like a worldwide alumni.  Organically, from the MBAs' own requests for more job opportunities it became a place to connect MBAs to the top-tier organizations that offer them the best careers.

After building the MBA Career Forum into the country's largest, 4 years in a row, and holding the largest exclusively MBAs and Masters networking events in both Tokyo, Japan and Shanghai, China we streamlined the career forum to offer exclusive MBA Seminars held inside top-tier organization's headquarters for select groups of MBAs to connect with CEOs and to leadership career opportunities. Now that the platform has grown to bring the Fortune 500 CEOs as keynote speakers and MBAs from the world's top MBA programs, Damon truly feels it’s a not only a pleasure but a privilege to work with so many talented MBAs, Masters and just high potential people and be connected with so many of the top-tier organizations. What he wants to be, as he says, is "just a copper wire" that alone may not be so significant except for the connections that it can make and in our case to make truly high value connections between talented and driven people and to the top tier organizations where they can find challenging jobs that they love." He feels very fortunate to make this connection happen and to be working with his "extended family" or colleagues at

Hope that you can join us to...