Advanced Innovative Technology

Job Title: Advanced Innovative Technology
Contract Type: Permanent
Location: Tokyo
Industry: Digital, Strategy
Reference: K154
Contact Name: Cara Lam
Contact Email:

Job Description

Responsibilities : 

For the clients' various business problems, you provide total services as follows:
Problem Visualization using data
Forecast/optimization in terms of optimal operation
Operational automization combining digital technology
Building digital strategies/planning to execution/implementation of new business model
Problem solution utilizing data analysis, planning formulation of new business model creation adopting digital technology. Having a high business mindset and being able to behave as client first

Preferred Skills : 

· 3 years of system development experience (custom development with Java, Scala, JavaScript etc.) or equivalent skill

· AI of more than 1 year · Machine learning · Analysis system development experience utilizing statistical model (custom development by Python, R, Scala etc) or equivalent skill

· IT platform experience of cloud infrastructure etc. of 1 year or more or similar skills

· 3 years or more of client facing · negotiation · adjustment ability or equivalent skill

· Masters degree in science and engineering

· Experience in consulting related to corporate digital transformation

· Experience in consulting with counterparts above manager's level

· Research on advanced IT, artificial intelligence and analysis areas at companies and universities

· Team lead experience of 5 or more people

· Master's or higher mathematical · knowledge of statistics

· Experience of using Hadoop, Spark, and other Bigdata ecosystems

· IoT ecosystem design and construction experience utilizing Spark-streaming, Storm, Kafka, etc.

· Development of analysis system using major framework library such as Tensorflow, Chainer, Sckit-learn

· Cloud platform design and development experience of Azure, AWS, GCP etc.

· System design and development experience of VR / AR / MR etc

· Knowledge of attention factors in future business such as space engineering and eSports

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