Automotive & Transportation Consultant

Job Title: Automotive & Transportation Consultant
Contract Type: Permanent
Location: Tokyo
Industry: Business Development, Consulting, Sales, Supply Chain
Reference: E118
Contact Name: Damon Mackey
Contact Email:

Job Description

This Big4 Automotive team supports consulting in all aspects of the flow from planning, business process design, and system introduction, supporting reforms in various business areas with clients of global automobile companies as clients. At global automobile companies where there are a lot of stakeholders in the external environment, this Big4 company responds to the client's expectations by taking advantage of their global knowledge and experience in collaboration with their firms in various countries and working with change with clients . 

In addition to the automobile company, reform projects for the entire value chain of cars including the parts suppliers and sales dealer companies that are outsourcing partners are steadily progressing. (Thinking about the future cars, changes in lifestyle and values of the purchasing layer, and positively propose new ideas.)

The latest project case and the project scheduled to be assigned 

· Support for global automobile company global accounting standardization

· Support for introducing RPA in global car companies

· Planning reform of global car company - Support of business department in system construction

· Support for introducing RPA in global car companies

Experience : 

· Experience in a global consulting firm 

· Experience with IT vendors and software vendors 

· Knowledge and experience of various operations in automobile companies

 · Experience of global projects in English

Language :

· Japanese: Native (both Japanese and English are business level or higher when not native)

· English intermediate (above business level in particular)

Experience (Only manager and above) :

· Project management experience in global consulting farm

· Experience in project management of a large-scale global project at an automobile company

Welcomed experience : 

· Project management (PMO) experience

· Working experience using English

· Global project experience

· Experience in the upstream phase of system construction such as business survey - formulation of execution plan

· Shared service / introduction of BPO, experience of change management

· Experience in supporting global car companies

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