CRM / Consumer & Service

Job Title: CRM / Consumer & Service
Contract Type: Permanent
Location: Tokyo
Industry: Business Development
Reference: K171
Contact Name: Cara Lam
Contact Email:

Job Description

· The company itself is in the process of being developed, there is no gap between the organizations and the ventilation is good, so there is a climate where you can work with cross-function with many sectors and service lines.
· This sector is also in the process of growing and mid- to middle-term employees can challenge discretion from client targeting to alliance with other companies for service delivery.
· There are many opportunities for diversity such as participation in individual study group as well as e-learning and training system, environments are set up to enable smooth operation even in inexperienced consulting industry.

People image:
· Industry Leader: Leading the development of consulting business for specific industry
· Account Manager: Lead to deepen consulting business of specific account group companies
· Sector Core Members: Lead project promotion while having service expertise (human resources who aim to lead industry and accounts in the future)

 By rank, the following roles are generally expected:

 Senior Manager: As a manager in the industry / account, you can communicate with the manager's class about multiple business areas, understand business tasks, collaborate with service lines, and present solutions. In addition, you can carry out project managers of multiple projects and develop projects.
Manager: Continually participate in a specific project and build relationships with key clients. Also, as a project manager, you can earn a contract extension.
 Senior Consultant: It is possible to carry out high quality delivery for a specific project. Moreover, it has business experience and knowledge, has its own field of specialty, and can provide high added value to clients.


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