Cyber Security Consultant

Job Title: Cyber Security Consultant
Contract Type: Permanent
Location: Tokyo
Industry: Consulting, Digital
Reference: E85
Contact Name: Cara Lam
Contact Email:

Job Description

Job Description :

Cooperate with top organizations (top industries) with related organizations including not only domestic but also overseas to identify and evaluate issues related to cyber security, and to recommend and introduce improvement measures. Specifically below.

· Recommendation of diagnosis / auditing and improvement measures concerning cyber security governance, organization, technical measures, and operation based on our own framework and diagnostic tools

- Supporting the formulation of strategies, policies, measures standards and operational procedures concerning cyber security after understanding legal regulations, customs, and standard level of measures in each industry

· Planning of security system · Management and promotion support concerning concept, procurement · introduction

- Evaluation, policy formulation and implementation support for security measures in areas other than IT such as IoT, OT, ICS

· Concept and operation support for a new cyber security operation model in cooperation with AI, BigData, Threat Inteligence, etc.

· Sophistication, sophistication of cyber security threats, realization of resilience that can respond to risks and development and provision of services of managed services

· Development in cooperation with the members of this Big4 company, a new service capable of responding to the next-generation cyber security threats and risks


Role Expectations : 


· Be able to promote the project by making use of its expertise according to the plan decided by the project manager as the core member of the project

· Document the experience and know-how gained from the project and share it with related parties


· Understand the customer's issues, specifically formulate optimal solution and specifically appreciate added value and obtain deals

· As project manager, management of customer expectation value, project member performance management

· Training young members through projects

Experience / Qualifications : 

To acquire the following as basic foundation in providing advisory service

· To grasp the essence of the problem, grasp the structure, and to propose necessary measures to solve the problem

· Flexibly respond to changes in client needs and project environments, and think through the best way to the end

· To be active and constructive communication for different opinions and ideas, to be a team worker

In providing services related to security, experiences and expertise that fall under either of the following, aiming to provide comprehensive security services that combine these multiple areas.

- Security Governance

- Security technology

- Security operation

· Information security findings 



- EC Council CEH

- IPA system audit engineer, information security assurance assistant (information security specialist)

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