Invest Management & Real Estate

Job Title: Invest Management & Real Estate
Contract Type: Permanent
Location: Tokyo
Industry: Consulting
Reference: D105
Contact Name: Gail Chiba
Contact Email:

Job Description

Job Description Consulting services for real estate business

Consulting projects exemplified below 
· Business structural reform (Reform of profit structure, reexamination of business portfolio, redefinition of business areas, creation of new business, investment evaluation etc.) 
Business growth strategy, marketing strategy, customer Strategy, etc. 
· IT strategy, customer strategy, Analytics strategy (especially digital) 
· Construction of global strategy and execution support (client reform of company-wide, business-specific, regional strategies, implementation of business reform for implementation, organizational change Etc.) 
· Participation in real estate development, property development concept creation, town planning · area planning Registration qualification [More than manager] 
· Having manager experience or equivalent experience in management consulting farm 
· Requesting consultation on necessity for experienced persons other than above (Consideration is subject to personal qualities and motivation) 

For staff In addition to experienced consultants, This Big4 company is also actively recruiting industry experienced people.Real estate and railway industry and people experiencing regional development preferential treatment. 
· 1 to 5 years. Regardless of strategic or non-strategic type. Potential · Emphasis on motivation 
· Experience in the real estate field is highly appreciated 
· Holders of houses give preferential treatment. 
· Experienced persons in real estate developers such as land acquisition, property planning development, area development, management planning 
· Experienced real estate investment · sale at AM company 
· Experience in operation PM and business planning at office PM · experienced business planning 
· Commercial Experience in management practice at PM and experienced tenant MD etc etc brokerage practice at intermediary company and business planning etc

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