Life sciences Industry Consultant

Job Title: Life sciences Industry Consultant
Contract Type: Permanent
Location: Tokyo
Industry: Consulting
Reference: K107
Contact Name: Gail Chiba
Contact Email:

Job Description

The life science industry is entering a transformation period that has never been experienced due to the pressure of price reductions from governments and insurers and the shift from medical treatment to prevention / complete cure. This Big4 company thinks of the following three movements as the driving force of the paradigm shift to preventive / complete cure. 

- Breakthrough New Treatment 
- Advancement of Technology 
- Consumerization of Health by Improving Data Access from Patients We are 

They are looking for a wide range of consultants from SC to SM to support clients that aim for self-sustained growth in these environmental changes . 

Roles and Duties : 

Senior Manager : In charge of accounts, communicate closely with the department manager class, understand their business tasks, collaborate with each service line of KC Then, we can present and implement solutions based on integrated approach. In addition, it can do project project manager of multiple projects and develop the case. 
Manager : You can become a person who is responsible for working on a specific project and is a creator of high quality results. In addition, it can build effective relations with client key persons on the client, and can continue and expand the project. 
Senior Consultant : In the project, as a right arm of the engagement manager, you can carry out high quality delivery. In delivery, we have good business experience and knowledge and can provide high added value to clients.


· Over 3 years of experience in social work  

Ideal Candidate : 
Those who have a thought in the industry, those who want to do for themselves, those who think that there is something to do with themselves  
Has knowledge of the starter · life science · health care industry:

 Welcomed experience : 
Businessization and business reform of biopharmaceuticals and regenerative medicine 
Digitalization in any function of corporate activities 

Maximization of profit by management accounting approach, cost reduction and allocation 
Maximization of human value and examination of appropriate number of personnel 
Responding to various regulations on pharmaceuticals and medical devices from a global perspective  
New businesses related to the domestic healthcare ecosystem 

Thinking and communication 
Detecting and analyzing problems / tasks, conceptualizing the issues and planning a solution approach You can explain and sympathize with the client and put it into execution 
You can act not only on the facility of the meeting but also on the projects and clients at the meeting etc. 
Timely and timely with the client and team members Communication is done, appropriate information sharing and M or more can be carried out the distribution of responsibility and authority 

Project Management: 
Business process reform, consolidation support (system integration, personnel and organization integration, trade integration, etc.) has a project management experience
You have Mindset to promote project with Ownership and you can motivate other project · members. 

Language : 
· Japanese: Mother tongue or over business 
· English: More than business 

This Big4 company also welcomes those who are eligible for any of the following : 
Accountant, US CPA, Bookkeeping accounting 
Physician, veterinarian, pharmacist, nurse 
Project management (knowledge of PMBOK, BABOK, ITIL)

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