People Advisory Services

Job Title: People Advisory Services
Contract Type: Permanent
Location: Tokyo
Industry: Consulting
Reference: E151
Contact Name: Gail Chiba
Contact Email:

Job Description

We are looking for members to proactively promote consulting business and services that have never before been beyond the framework of traditional organization / personnel consulting towards further growth.

  • Organization / Personnel consulting

    • With free thought that is not bound by service, develop organization / personnel consulting for big player in financial industry regardless of foreign capital or Japanese affiliation

    • While collaborating with company's Finance team, visualize the client's challenge and connect it to a new opportunity

    • If you are a manager or more, actively participate not only in delivery, but also in discovering new clients, building / maintaining relationships, proposals and sales activities

    • The consulting theme is diverse, and clients are not only Human Resources Department, but also various business promotion, business planning, IT system department etc.


      • IT department change support (reorganization of IT department, change of placement of IT human resources · resequil)

      • Work way reform support (People analytics, advanced business, automation, efficiency improvement etc)

      • Support for establishing a subsidiary

      • Support for the establishment of European, US and Asian Regional Headquarters (Mission Definition, Organizational Design, Human Resource Deployment)

      • Support for formulating global talent management concept

      • Next-generation senior management and leader development



  • Next-generation Workforce Management

    • Looking at the coming gig economy era, we will construct a scheme to realize human resources strategy formulation to utilize diverse talent groups regardless of regular or irregular, and appropriate management of personnel and personnel expenses

    • In the field of technology utilization, we will consider and formulate the introduction of "Fieldglass" through the collaboration with SAP and management strategies utilizing the system


  • Digital leadership development

    • Demonstrate leadership in the digitized cutting-edge business environment and support the development of leaders who will transform the company

      • Plan, develop, and develop schemes to define working methods and philosophy of the digital age and nurture qualified human resources

      • Utilize state-of-the-art knowledge and digital leadership lab to support implementation of client transformation


  • Supporting Japanese companies entering the global market

    • Support the planning and execution of measures from the viewpoint of organization and human resources in order for Japanese companies to engage with global companies, such as securing, nurturing and retention measures for global human resources

      • Global Success Planning Concept (Including IT Infrastructure Building Supported from Data Perspective)

      • Establish global common personnel system

      • Global Next Leader Training


  • Recruitment reform consulting

    • Along with changes in recruitment rules, each company supports change in recruitment process for acquiring talented personnel

      • Investigate and analyze the impact of changes in hiring rules and will transmit PoV 

      • Create recruitment agenda and deploy adoption reform consulting as one integrated service


Those who have experience of either consulting firm or business company as below. We are looking for someone who intends to broaden the range of careers for consulting in the organization / personnel area in the future.

  • Experience of companywide cross-sectional reform and improvement activities, such as business improvement and worker reform

  • Experience in IT system introduction (Phase is not concerned)

  • Experience creating opportunities for teams and creating great value through solving

  • Experience promoting problem solving by thoroughly thinking things regardless of area / contents

  • Experience involved in launching new business and new services

  • Consulting experience as project manager 

     Language : 


  • Japanese native or above business level

  • English TOEIC 800 or more is desirable 

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