TMT Consultant

Job Title: TMT Consultant
Contract Type: Permanent
Location: Tokyo
Industry: Business Development, Consulting, Digital, Strategy
Reference: E119
Contact Name: Angel Garcia
Contact Email:

Job Description

In the changing disruptive business environment, the TMT sector will develop services to bring innovation utilizing emerging technology to businesses. 
We will grasp the management issues and needs held by our clients and will work on projects and project implementation while working in cooperation with experts. It also features early experience of account management (targeting global markets including Japan), which is usually carried by partner classes. Also, while utilizing the knowledge and assets owned by this Big4 Global sector team, you will be responsible for accumulating knowledge and disseminating it both inside and outside as an industry expert.

Digital Transformation Support
Digital Strategy Formulation, Marketing (Connected Commerce, Omni Channel, etc.), Business Process Optimization (Smart Factory etc), IT Optimization (Multi Speed IT, Agile Development Process, etc.), Work Space Change.

Technology Change Support
RPA, AI, Chatbot, Analytics, Block Chain, UI / UX, IoT, 3D Printer, Microservice, DevOps, Cloud, ERP, Corporate Technology / Business Process Diagnosis.

Innovation support
Business model innovation (construction of ecosystem by multiple companies and service conversion of manufacturing industry etc.), support for new business development, innovation management, open innovation.

Strategic formulation support
Medium-term business plan formulation, business strategy formulation, development strategy formulation, Makret strategy formulation.

Operation support
Company wide operational reform, strengthen organization / global governance

Projects that are considering assignment

· Formulation of reform policy from current situation analysis assuming system introduction for Japanese large enterprises

· Overseas roll out of Japanese suppliers' global supply chain

· Formulation of medium-term management plan for large Japanese companies

· Overseas market research and entry strategy formulation

· Developing a Go To Market strategy for services that utilize emerging technology

· Establishment of emerging technology introduction plan for large Japanese companies

· Company-wide business change and change management of Japanese large enterprises

 The latest project case

· Business model innovation (support for making service of manufacturing industry)

· Formulation of a new business model utilizing AI / IoT in the US market

· Trend survey on technology startups in global

· Formulation of a new business model using Blockchain of Japanese big company

· Support for open innovation of Japanese large enterprises

· Human resource development for innovation of Japanese large enterprises

· Formulation of IoT platform concept of Japanese large enterprise

· Reform of how Japanese large companies work

· Support for formulating efficient business of Japanese large enterprises, supporting introduction of RPA


Manager - Senior Manager
To have at least 5 years (guideline) and equivalent experience in consulting firm. 
Those who want to strengthen account management for the top position, those who want to expand the area to strategy formulation backed up by sector knowledge and digital offering

Senior Consultant
Experience in a consulting firm and a business company in information communication, media entertainment, high-tech industry.

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