Trading / business investment

Job Title: Trading / business investment
Contract Type: Permanent
Location: Tokyo
Industry: Business Development, Finance & Accounting, Internal
Reference: K139
Contact Name: Gail Chiba
Contact Email:

Job Description

Background :
General trading companies have steadily stepped up their pillars of earnings from trading to business investment, from now on, investment profits will not depend only on dividends but will actively enter the business of the investee. This Big4 company focuses on improving the value of each subsidiary and affiliated company in order to obtain stable earnings by raising business revenue. 

Job Description : 

In general trading companies, in view of declining resource prices and economic downturn in emerging countries, there is a trend to see business enterprises as managed objects rather than just investment objectives, aiming to increase added value of their own company and operating companies . 

Therefore, this Big4 company, organizes issues related to business decisions at the company's management level, such as business management, sales management, financial management, and propose reform proposals. 

As a mechanism to support it, they are seeking human resources capable of conducting PMO, business arrangement, requirement definition, vendor management etc. in expanding the core system (general trading company is mainly SAP). 

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