• Thursday, 10 February 2011
  • Thursday, 10 February 2011

MBA Summit 2011, Tokyo

A Catayst putting Japan's Business on the fast Track


The MBA and Executive's Networking Event this February 10th at Roppongi's 57 at 7 pm brings about a whole new way for organizations to connect with top talent.


Huge chances in networking have been taking place in Japan, as evidenced by the explosive growth of Facebook's 78% growth to 5.3 million and Twitter's huge growth of 428% to 13,2 million.

Catalyst's President, Damon Mackey, U.S. born with an MBa from Tsukuba and Tycooon's CEO, Takashi Shimoda, a Japanese born Switzerland working on his MBA from Waseda both realized that like these social networking giants that are connecting Japan to the world they could do the same with Japan's MBAs and international organizations. Taking advantage of these social networks and their professional networks they are bringing experienced, talented MBAs together with CEOs and MBA Executives like no other networking event has done before. With General Electric, Japan's CEO, Yoshiaki Fujimori delivering the keynote speech and the following organizations sendong CEOs and HR representatives it is hard to argue that isn't.

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