APAC MBA Demand, 2nd largest in the world

10 Sep 04:00 by Charlotte ANSELM

Great demographics below thanks to human resource online.

In Japan alone since we started the MBA Networking Events and MBA Career Forum just from 2009, we have seen a large uptick in demand for MBAs. Especially now that has officially partnered with FocusCore Group we have had the ability to both bring more opportunities to MBAs and work with a larger number of clients we increasingly see organizations that want MBAs. 


Even if there is no need for the academic knowledge that helps a future leader to understand what is going on across marketing,finance, HR etc. these are experienced and driven people that have invested in their future. Its not only the investment of money they have made but also an investment of time. Those countless nights of working all night to finish your class project and being able balance that with work. Organizations simply need to ask themselves if they want to reach into that pool of experienced an driven talent. One of the examples of change we have seen is in the interest in our MBA Seminars(MBAs that pass pre-screening from the company are brought onsite for an opportunity to hear a keynote from the CEO,idea-share and learn of career opportunities.) Which are amost all filled for 2016. (Check past event info on Facebook page)

There  is a lot more chnge happenng across the APAC region. Just take a look at info from Human Resources Online  summarized below: Read more about APAC MBA demand