Embracing Challenge in Crisis

10 May 04:00 by Damon Mackey


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This is our added value page from the live webinar "Embracing Challenge in Crisis". Huge thanks to our speakers sharing so much quality insight on how even during these times we can grow ourselves, our colleagues, our organizations, and actual growth industries in the market.. Also, info below for you to follow up. More on Governments subsidies, real live opportunities now, fitness, free coaching and trusted partners online events. Hoping to help you to CONNECT. SHARE. GROW. 

Connect with our keynote speakers using info below:

President of Dale Carnegie, Greg Story

For those of you with questions from the speech or interested in getting into their trainings for you or your company feel free to contact 

Shinya Yamamoto CEO of HR Fabula / Previous Partner of PwC

For those of you that have interest in learning more about Shinyas insight or what his organization can provide check this link

Christian Boettcher Partner of Deloitte Consulting For any of you that are interested in the opportunities that Christian spoke of in Deloitte Consulting check out our job page and click and we will be able to talk with you directly and introduce you to Christian. Click here


Important to share that there are growth areas and good career opportunities avail even now. Below are a just a few of them:

Connect a friend to a career opportunity. Amazing how much you can help someone from making the right connection. If you have a friend, wether you want to introduce them anonymously or get paid 100,000yen for each person we successfully place. Together we can make it happen!


Although we arent associated with this company but they have put together a robust list of loans and grants that can be availed to you, due to Covid.

Grow - Many of you know that we have built trust in the business community by delivering with the highest integrity for a long time and we want you to benefit from our trusted friends for your continued growth

Jason Ball has run the Business in Japan group for years, is a trusted friend and puts on great events in Tokyo. Please check out his event below:

Business In Japan has a Webinar on Wednesday the 27th May with the theme "SALES in the age of COVID-19". It starts at 7pm and the RSVP Event information page is on Doorkeeper or check the Business In Japan group.

WHAT: [BIJ Webinar] SALES in the age of COVID-19

'Connect' with your local Business community [002]

WHEN: Wednesday, May 27, 2020, 7pm to 8:30pm


WEBINAR MeetingID: 573 708 986

RSVP please:

Health & Wellness is a very important aspect of both your business life and your personal life. Ive worked with Menya and he is a great Health & Wellness trainer and more. He is offering a free session for all of you here.

Free Coaching

As many of us are navigating uncertainty, a special offer for free coaching is available to members of Catalyst4MBA. 

Coaching provides a safe and confidential environment different from other conversations you may have. With the help of the coach, sessions are actually led by the client’s needs, with a specific objective to be achieved by the end of the session.  Coaching sessions are structured according to the guidelines provided by the International Coaching Federation (ICF)

Contact Clark to have an introductory session to get to know each other and determine your coaching needs

Contact Clark at:


Poll information form the questions asked in the actual Webinar.


Do you feel we can make a difference by sharing with management about these issues when we go back to work?


Do you feel that you feel your manager asks you about how you are doing more, now that we are working from home?


Have you felt there were no growth areas in the market or just not aware of growth areas in the market before todays seminar?

Do you feel its safe to move to a new organization even if it is a growth unit working with clients in an upward growth industry like Life Sciences?

Are you interested in developing yourself through professional training?

Do you feel you have less time to socialize now that working at home?