Why aren’t you moving to the fastest growing industry in the hottest region?

16 Mar 04:00 by Charlotte ANSELM

With eCommerce as the fastest growing industry, Asia Pacific THE place to be for future growth

and March 25th event presenting opportunities for Strategy roles to literally create the course of one of Japan’s eCommerce powerhouses, there are a lot of reasons for those looking to make a hot career move and its no wonder why there has been such a turn out in registration of talent from top-tier consulting companies to futuristic retailers.


The region and the industry is just a red hot opportunity for career growth with both the rate of growth and the amount left of market share high, signaling that we are just at the beginning of the huge growth we have already witnessed. holds one of their limited-seating, annual seminars this March 25th for MBAs, Masters and High Potential People, that attendees have been flocking to for this chance to get into the coveted strategy positions, meet the executives of Rakuten and idea-share with industry professionals from all over the world and its easy to see why.


There is some great insight here paraphrased from Brian Fetherstonhaugh’s post,“5 Reasons Why A Career In eCommerce Is Hot Right Now” on why its such a huge opportunity.

1. eCommerce has a fantastic long-term global growth outlook. Read more