How the Digital Revolution affects You

16 Jun 05:00 by Charlotte ANSELM

The way consumers seek, shop and buy has changed faster than any other time in history. See how retailers and brands are going digital to capture the minds, hearts and wallets of consumers.

It affects all of us as business people and as consumers. Check out this awesome video from Kurt Salmon showing some of the futuristic changes that are happening in retail now

For those in Tokyo, interested in learning more about whats happening on the front lines of the digital revolution there is a chance to hear...

President of Uber, Head of Deloitte Digital Strategy & Head of Kurt Salmon Retail Ops at the "Going Digital" event where they deliver keynotes on the digital revolution of business, this July 1st!

...with a chance to meet 10 CMOs, MBAs & Masters from around the world in an organized idea-sharing activity. Get tacit knowledge on what industry leaders are doing in the digital revolution that effects how we do business, shop, travel and more

Exclusive opportunity seminars for those that are interested in Marketing, biz dev or consulting roles, to meet with the company head or president. Click on the URL below and we can get you in!



Kurt Salmon

Deloitte Digital


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