What the world's top organizations are doing for Digital Strategy

22 Sep 05:00 by Charlotte ANSELM

In July, Partner and Head of Deloitte Digital Strategy, Iwabuchi-san spoke at Japan's CMO Summit - Going Digital put on by and Located in the heart of Tokyo, in the Ginza area at the Tokyo Innovation Center, SYNQA. Touted as Japans digital event of the year, with a who's who of digital in attendance, Iwabuchi's keynote included what they are doing in the Auto industry to help organizations better understand customers and even save lives with real time monitoring on key areas of automobiles and how in the Healthcare sector their real time connection helps people to recover faster and more safely. The organizations that are ahead with Digital Strategies have a big advantage.

You have a chance to get in on the conversation on October 6th, for those interested

From ability to spark new Ideas to getting the best employees, Digital Strategy makes a difference

Digitally maturing companies behave differently than their less mature peers do.

The difference has less to do with tech-nology and more to do with business fundamentals. Digitally maturing organizations are committed to transformative strategies supported by collaborative cultures that are open to taking risk. Equally important, leaders and employees at digitally maturing organizations have access to the resources they need to develop digital skills and know-how.

People often think that innovation emanates from sudden flashes of brilliance on the part of a gifted few. In reality, many new ideas arise through collab­orative efforts among people of different backgrounds. Digitally maturing companies are in a position to recognize the benefits from collaboration. More than 80% of respondents from maturing organizations agree or strongly agree their workplace environments are collaborative compared to competitors.

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