Sweet Sales!

27 Oct 04:00 by Charlotte ANSELM

David Sweet, PhD, Managing Director of our Official partner company FocusCore will energize you with key selling elements from his newly realesed book, Sweet Sales

This is a limited seating event! In this interactive course, you will receive a complimentry copy of his book along with a personalized DiSC profile which you will take on-line prior to the training.

This engaging course led in English is built for Japanese or foreigners selling in Japan. Learn how to better partner with the customer instead of pushing a sales agenda. In this popular workshop, he will go through the process of understanding of how you sell, understanding your client’s needs and adapt to customer’s differences. After signing up, you will be sent a DiSC profile in English or Japanese. Then in this dynamic workshop, learn the DiSC model, discover how you sell and why other people buy. You’ll also reduce miscommunication and develop positive relationships ultimately putting more money in your wallet.

  • "If I would have had this training when I started selling, I would have found success so much sooner."
  • "Thanks to Dr. Sweet, my sales have doubled since the training. He really taught me to understand my clients."

People who should attend

  •  Sales Directors / Sales Managers / Account Managers
  • Outside / Inside Sales Representatives, Marketing Directors
  • Anyone who would like to learn how to recognize his/her customer’s behavioral style, learn how to adapt, and increase his/her chances for success


Dr. Sweet, the Managing Director of FocusCore Group K.K., not only does he train sales people, he runs a sales desk and manages a sales team. This isn't fluff or theory, but training that you can put into practice RIGHT AWAY.

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