The Shark Tank for Digital Business

04 Oct 05:00 by Charlotte ANSELM

In todays business world the fight is on to get the digital edge.

For a long time the term "Shark Tank" has been used to express a business situation or extreme competition. Currently we have all of the large organizations either catching up to the competition in their digital transformation or trying to keep the lead. eCommerce is where its at and any company that is not online is doing everything they can to get digital in terms of monitoring their supply chain to understanding customers habits and wants. 

Digital Maturing companies are 4 times more likely to provide employees with needed skills, more comfortable taking risks, have more collaborative cultures have nearly 90% of their strategies focused on improving decisions and innovation.

Summarized from MIT Sloan Management Review

Interactive chart

These organizations have a clear advantage in the market. Not only do employees want to work at the companies that are more digitally mature but they retain their employees longer and have a competitive advantage.

Apple and Deloitte team up is an example of digitally mature companies that collaborate to accelerate business transformation.

Apple and Deloitte will also collaborate on the development of a new service offering from Deloitte Consulting called EnterpriseNext, designed to help clients fully take advantage of the iOS ecosystem of hardware, software, and services in the workplace. The new offering will help customers discover the highest impact possibilities within their industries and quickly develop custom solutions through rapid prototyping.

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