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21 Nov 10:00 by Charlotte ANSELM

February 9th, 2017 will celebrate our 2nd year as an official partner with FocusCore Japan. It is very rare that partnerships work this well. From Sony’s acquisition of Columbia Pictures resulting in a 3.2 billion dollar write down to AOL buying Netscape for 9 billion, there is usually something that gets in the way. I’d like to take a moment to share what can make a successful partnership work. Shared values, reciprocal added-value and the all important, increased ROI.  

Our shared values.

Both of our organizations are highly relationship based, to work closely and truly partner with the organizations we choose as our clients. At we have worked with the worldwide top MBA schools to hold Japan’s largest MBA Career Forum that then streamlined that into MBA Seminars held today at individual organizations to meet the CEO and obtain exclusive career opportunities. Behind all this was a dedication to create more opportunities for driven MBAs & Masters and in doing so help organizations tap into a driven, educated and experienced pool of talent. FocusCore is a great partner for us because they are the absolute opposite of the transactional spirit that embodies many recruiting companies, that only look to bill the client. Focus Core is constantly focused on partnering with clients to help them succeed in business. Part of the reason is that they are more than a recruiting company but a complete Business Advisory company providing business entry, business process outsourcing and recruiting throughout APAC. In fact, I have been with the Managing Director, David Sweet PhD on several occasions where he stepped outside of his role in bringing the client talent and took his time to connect two of his clients together successfully for their own B2B business. The main area of partnering is just working with clients on a deeper level to help them to find the best talent and grow their company and that’s where we deliver added value.

Our reciprocal value.

Our reciprocal value is in working together seamlessly to bring more value to candidates and clients. Speaking for we have far greater access to clients through FocusCore’s network and bring FocusCore added clients, as well as, MBA events to help their clients connect to driven Masters level talent. The keyword here is “Seamlessly”. We work in the same office to aid in constant interaction but also, far more important is the attitude of cooperation, that we want to work together for increased ROI.

The increase ROI.

The increased ROI is reached by sharing best business practices and working together to bring candidates more opportunities and clients a higher caliber of candidate which means more revenue for both of our organizations. Just as important is our ability is to keep both candidates and clients inside that circle of trust that has been earned by each one of our organizations and something we consistently bring each day, by our shared value of being a relationship based organizations.

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