You can be an MBA Ambassador!

02 Dec 10:00 by Charlotte ANSELM

MBA Ambassadors bring value to MBA Alumni doing something really simple....

Get chosen to become MBA Ambassadors for


It's so easy!

All MBA Ambassadors need to do is share the events invitation link to their Alumni's social network, getting them exclusive priority invitations to meet CEOs and worldwide MBAs. It is literally as easy as clicking a button. 


Student or Graduate from a top MBA school? This opportunity is for you. 


MBA Ambassadors bring value to their MBA Alumni by sharing with them our exclusive MBA events, giving them the opportunity to connect with CEOs & high potential people and get them privy to exclusive job opportunities.


We organize mostly events in TokyoJapan and ShanghaiChina and soon in Myanmar. Live-streaming will be available for our future events! 


- MBA Ambassadors and their Alumni recieve priority invites to our upcoming events, both MBA Seminars and Summits 

- Our MBA Seminars are free to attend 

- MBA Alumni get a discount to Summits and MBA Ambassadors get in for free

Lets make it happen!

Email us at and become an MBA Ambassador for your MBA Alumni!