Digital Summit 2017

22 Jun 05:00 by Damon Mackey

Excited to share with you whats going on in digital from our Digital Summit 2017, held in Tokyo Japan at the Itoki Innovation Center, SYNQA. Your chance to hear hard earned digital insight from the experts, meet Digital heads, Digital consultants and MBAs from around the world.

This event will be live streamed right here 7:00pm Japan Standard Time / 6:00am New York / 11:00am London. Put that in your calendar with the link for this page and the speakers will be live streamed right here.

For those of you interested in Deloitte Digital Strategy or Deloitte in general we can introduce you at the partner level, in Japan, US or China. They have a lot of exciting career tracks and are leading the way in digital.  Take a look at the jobs page here:

Apply to strategy position and we will get back to you with details on Consulting careers, So you can CONNECT. SHARE. GROW.

Twitter's Country Manager Yu Sasamoto will be speaking on their digital growth in Japan, having exceeded both facebook and Instagram! Also, how people in Japan are using Twitter more and more as a search tool to find out the latest and just as importantly what is happening in their own communities. User Average Minutes growing year on top of year and whats especially unique and powerful for Japan users like anonymity and 140 character posts using Japanes kanji one can say a lot more , plus the growth in video poosting. How can you leverage this social network to grow your digital presence and drive growth.

Deloitte Digital Strategy's Partner, Masanobu Iwabuchi with 20 years of experience dealing with top-tier organizations in Japan will be sharing his insight on what is happening in Digital. He will be speaking on how Global organizations get their brand message out digitally to engage clients, customers and more. What they are doing bring media agncies together with their top consultants to provide implimentable strategies that improve ROI.

Those that attend will be networking with leading digital heads, Digital Consultants from the Big4 and MBAs from around the world for B2B connection and career opportunities but you need not miss out on that. For career opportunities we specialize in organizations that value MBAs.  

Our approach is slightly different as we are connected to CEOs and Partners from our MBA events leading back to the CEO of General Electric speaking in 2009, The head of Linkedin the year after that, The CEO of Cocoa-Cola just to name a few. We get you an introduction to C-level, Partner or atleast the hiring manager, so you are speaking to the person in charge that has tacit knowledge on exactly what their organization needs. Our #1 focus is on providing connections for you to the top-tier organizations that we advise. Take a look at the link for just some of the career connections we can make for you.

Feel free to register to this website to receive our Platinum Digital Magazine once per month and also to get invites to our exclusive events or if any questions or comments please do email us at

Looking forward to being your catalyst to CONNECT. SHARE. GROW.