Best Career Opportunity in Japan キャリア形成のチャンス

30 Aug 01:00 by Damon Mackey

I want to share with you what I honestly believe is the best career opportunity in the country of Japan. 

This is my true impression from working for years with Partners of the Big4 and top Strategy firms. There are a number of factors you need to look at and some that will even be outside of the organization itself. We need to look at the industry's growth, organization's brand name, need in market, promotion speed, timing and mentoring.

In my honest opinion from working across industries since 2009 and for years with partners in the top tier organizations of the consulting industry, the best career opportunity in the country of Japan is... 

... Deloitte Digital Strategy.

Ill tell you why according to the factors we mentioned above:

Growth of industry

The growth of the industry will either limit or aid in the growth of the organization. There is a huge growth in digital and now more than ever, a real need for organizations to get consulting on digital transformation as it has been proven to be an essential part of any modern, successful business. There is a huge growth for Digital Strategy in APAC but this need is even stronger for Japan and especially for Japanese HQed organizations that are operating globally. Deloitte Digital Strategy(DDS) specializes in Digital Transformation for Japan HQed global companies.

Brand name

Brand name is extremely important as it gives you clout when speaking to clients and in the future when other companies look at who you worked for. Deloitte is the 2nd largest Digital agency and the leading brand name of the Big4 consulting firms for digital. I spoke to a partner of a competing Big4 and he said Deloitte's reputation for digital is 2nd to none in APAC. Difficult to argue that working for Deloitte wouldnt help you get a meeting in any of the top tier orgs that need digital consulting.

Speed of promotion and future marketability 

So much growth in Digital. If you can bring in the projects you can move up in this company. Its almost like being an entrepreneur but with a lot of support. There is no ceiling and no waiting for the guy above you to move up so you can get promoted. You decide how fast you move up by how many projects you bring in. For future marketability Deloitte Digital is what Fortune 500 companies want to hire from to get top strategy people to play intigral roles in their organization.

Need in the market

Asia is the hottest market for digital and wont hurt that you are at the best brand name of the big4 for digital consulting. There is a huge growth for Digital Strategy consulting, especially for Japanese HQed organizations that are doing business worldwide. Right now DDS has more project opportunities than they have resources for. This means they can hand pick the best projects and also that they are looking to bring top talent on.


Deloitte Digital announced that they will be on the same P&L across APAC and this will mean essentially that they can levelrage talent from Deloitte Digital in other countries and also because this is a brand new project they will also be able to start cross selling(I mean that Deloitte in Malaysia can now introduce Company X to Deloitte Japan so they can work with their Japan subsidiary) and that means a ton of growth this next year.

Mentoring and Management

Masanobu Iwabuchi is the Partner for Deloitte Digital Strategy and is known to be a great mentor. In one of our discussions he expressed how important mentoring is to him. I also heard from a Senior Manager that the reason they went to work for Deloitte was that he is a great leader and really takes care of his own people. 

I believe that these are some of the top things that need to be considered before making a career move and Deloitte Digital Strategy has them all, right now. The ability for upward growth, having a good mentor and joining at a time of real growth where there is a strong need for what you are doing is perfect for a driven person looking for an accelerated career path. Would love to hear your opinion on this post.

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